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Interstellar design

UX/UI design, Web and Native App develeopement.

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Hi there 👋

My name is Luke and I am full stack javascript developer.

I have built my first website way back in highschool (2004), and since then I have been perfecting my skills in both design, (UX, UI) and web/app development.

For many years now, I have been involved in various projects as a systems architect and UI/UX consultant. I make sure that various designs and ideas can be implemented swiftly and without headache to all major platforms (such as AWS services, Azure, custom Virtual and dedicated servers,). My area of expertise is React.js and React Native, Node.js, which I use to develop Apps for all the major platforms (Web, iOS and Android).

Currently i am full time employed in JLL technology, Business Intelligence division as a tech lead and security champion.

My stack:

If you are looking for a high quality custom product, that is not based on themes or standard solutions. Contact me for more info at

I’m currently working on ...

Implementing compliance and security protocols using the DevSecOps (#OWASP) principles

Docker mastery and node orchestration, Node.js clusters and distributed systems

Mastering intergration testing using

Azure dev ops advanced yaml pipeline configuration

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some personal info ...

I am a big geek with huge love for Star Wars, Marvel and DC comic books, Funk and 80s music. I take most of my design inspiration from offline experiences like going to art museums, galleries and working with other creative people on various projects. I also work with various Activist and NGO groups as a pro-bono designer and developer.

Check out these official spaceout music collections: info:

This website is designed with ❤ by, using gatsby.js v2, react framework and typescript, I am trying to make it a gatsby template for others to using yarn workspaces, however still very at very early stage. Repo can be found here