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Interstellar design

UX/UI design, Web and Native App develeopement.

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Esbuild react typescript template

Luke Celitan

Esbuild template with typescript, react, and tailwindcss

React and Node.js template with esbuild, typescript, jest, testing libary, tailwind

React and Node.js and Typescript with only esbuild packages, starter is still experimental however fully functional. Since i opted to drop all webpack and webpack family related packages the process of hooking up some kind of live reload proved to be the most difficult to achieve. Project uses “servor” package, it has a longer booting time than webpack-dev-server


  • Server (express)
  • Static React app with live reload
  • Tailwind css (postCSS, Autoprefixer)
  • Jest / react testing library
  • Typescript
  • Eslint, husky,

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
Feel free to check in out ongithub.

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